NOCH 08760 Snowflakes 75g

  • NOCH 08760 Snowflakes 75g
  • NOCH 08760 Snowflakes 75g
  • NOCH 08760 Snowflakes 75g

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The innovative NOCH Snowflakes are special fibres with a length of only 1 mm, with which you can create a winter wonderland in no time.

First of all, the surface is prepared with the NOCH Snow Glue (ref. 61138).

Then the Snowflakes are applied with the NOCH Grass Master 2.0 (ref.60135) or the NOCH Grass Spray Tube (ref. 08100).

Almost magically, a silky, shimmering layer of snow appears, which resembles fresh powder snow.

The winter wonderland created this way can be decorated further with small details by using the NOCH Snow Paste (ref. 08752).

Should you not have any Snow Glue at hand, then the NOCH Grass Glue (ref.61130) can be used as a substitute.

However, the landscape should be prepared with a white foundation before hand.

Tip: 75 g Snow Flakes and approx. 500 g Snow Glue are required to cover 1 m².

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