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Walthers Cornerstone - Medusa Cement Company Kit 00/HO Model Kit

Avaiable to order (Please allow 4 - 6 working days for dispatch)


Hoppers full of powdered cement arrive at the Medusa Cement Company. cement distribution plants are vital to the construction industry, providing the bulk cement used to make concrete. This kit features eight tall storage silos, a conveyor tower and rail car unloading shed. Other details include separate roll-up doors plus separate rooftop details, including piping, dust collectors and more.


  • Eight Concrete Storage Silos

  • Corrugated Loading Shed for Rail Service

  • Doors for Road Service

  • Dust Collectors, Roof Top Piping and Other Details

  • Transition and Diesel Eras

  • Colourful Decals

  • Moulded in Two Colours


  • Length: 22.5cm

  • Width: 17.5cm

  • Height: 27.5cm
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